Q – What is cremation?

A- Cremation is an alternative to burial for handling your pets remains. During the cremation process your pet is gently placed into the cremation chamber where your pet’s remains are reduced to their original elements through intense heat.

Q- What is a private cremation?

A- A private cremation is where only one pet is cremated at a time in the crematory. We do not provide semi-private cremations.

Q- What is a general cremation?

A- The remains of several pets are placed in the crematorium at one time. The cremated ashes are not returned but scattered in a local farmers field.

Q- How is my pet returned?

A- Your pet’s ashes will be placed in a complimentary wood urn with a brass name plate and returned in 3 to 5 business days. Other urns are available for purchase.

Q- How can I be sure I’m getting back my own pet?

A- Alberta Pet Cremation Inc. uses a positive ID system. The ID disc number remains with the pet throughout the cremation process, ensuring the owner that they are receiving their pets ashes.

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